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How To Effectively Boost Your App Promotion: 7 Ways to Think Out

Popular Ways to Successfully Promote Your App
Popular Ways to Successfully Promote Your App

The app promotion issues must be thought out far in advance of its release. You should consider how to cost-effectively advertise your upcoming solution after it would be released and ready to be used. But how to do it in a professional way saving your time and money?

Our post will uncover the secrets of free and successful software promotion. Let’s start reading it and know more!

The Common App Advertisement Ways

There’s an extensive list of ways to promote a newly created software. We’ve determined the most common ones to tell you about. Now, this is the high time to investigate them all to know how to care about advertising saving money for the cost for web application development (or a mobile one).

The most popular ways you can use to promote a newly created solution

Use Product Hunt as a promotion tool. It’s a web-based platform (and an iOS app) where you may make a pitch for your new app. There are many more sites like ProductHunt that help promote apps; you can also try AppReview, or AppStoreApps.

Create a blog for app promotion. The best way to tell about your software is via a blog, but someone needs to write the posts. Start by looking for similar mobile and online apps and reading some relevant blogs. Look closely at the writers’ product descriptions. If the work appears impossible, you might attempt to model your approach after theirs. If you’re comfortable in front of a computer, make your postings entertaining and educational. 

Promote your software through social media groups. The social media is a live and interactive engine that may be utilized for free to spread the word about your app by making Facebook or other social media groups and publics and sharing relevant updates with them. 

Consider the size of the app. 50 MB is perfect for app size, according to different IT researchers. The larger the file size, the less likely a person is to begin the download without a Wi-Fi connection. 

Participate in a promotion process. Where should app promotion be started? Share the news that a fantastic software of yours is nearing release and briefly describe it for users to get acquainted with. You may also take part in a competition by submitting an assignment. For instance, Mobileys hosts a competition where U.S.-based businesses may struggle for a $1,000 award. 

Think about SEO optimization as a promotion tool. App optimization for the mobile app marketplaces like App Store or Google Play is not a buzzword, but a crucial step in learning how to sell it on the said platforms. It’s essential to your accomplishments. Following these guidelines will increase your app’s discoverability in app stores, which in turn will increase downloads.

Expand the market. Most new businesses aim for either Google Play or the Apple App Store, if not both. Nevertheless, recent studies reveal that your chances of success will increase even more if you promote your mobile app in a different location (e.g., Amazon App Store or Opera Mobile Store). 

App Advertisement Tips to Think About

Your resource for app marketing requires a few key elements in order to fulfill its goal, which are as follows: 

A landing page. It is a wonderful digital business card, informing people about who you are and what you provide in the process. Its creation is not all that difficult. In addition, you won’t need any outside assistance to develop your own website if you select one of the wonderful templates that can be found online. But, in order to properly set up analytics tracking, you may want the assistance of skilled specialists. 

Necessary elements the landing page needs to have

Get the email addresses of prospective consumers of your product. When you have put the Subscribe button to your website, you are required to manually send a welcome message to everybody who has subscribed to your site. You can also apply to experienced developers to change the sending settings of an automated letter, and they will also build up a series of different messages that will be sent at various intervals, such as once per week as an example. 

You need to get more downloads. Paying for app installations is one way to boost the amount of downloads your app receives, in the event that you are unsure how to boost the software downloading. In this case, you won’t need a developer, but you will absolutely want some financial backing. 

Summing Up

We told you about the most common free approaches to advertise your Android app or IOS product. Some other top app promotion strategies, however, need for exceptional skills in writing, marketing, and programming. The experienced mobile app development company can help you with this. The specialists will help you properly create a powerful smartphone solution, and render post-development advertisement services.

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Yuliya Melnik is a technical writer at Cleveroad. She is passionate about innovative technologies that make the world a better place and loves creating content that evokes vivid emotions.

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