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Argumentative Essay vs Creative Essay – What is the Difference

Argumentative Essay vs Creative Essay
Argumentative Essay vs Creative Essay

There are two kinds of essays to choose from in essay writing: creative and argumentative. Although they have some similarities, they differ in structure and intent. This article will examine the significant differences between the two kinds of essays and some suggestions for writing an outstanding essay. 

The primary distinction between an argumentative essay versus a composition essay is that the first is based on factual information, and the latter depends on the writer’s personal experiences and feelings. An argumentative essay should have an explicit and precise thesis statement, whereas creative writing essays may be more loosely organized. Furthermore, an argumentative essay has to provide evidence to back the writer’s argument, while creative writing essays can be more exploratory and imaginative.

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What is an Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay is a form of an essay that argues a point of view. Unlike other forms of essays, it’s often not based on personal experience but rather on a particular idea. In addition, argumentative essays are frequently longer and more involved than other types of essays. However, they are often very effective when appropriately written. Fortunately, there are a few tips for writing an influential argumentative paper. 

First of all, you must decide on a topic. It should be a controversial issue or one that can be argued. It should be an issue that is widely discussed in society. It would help if you also chose a topic that answers the question clearly and concisely. A good argumentative essay should be based on a claim. There are five essential claims that an argumentative essay may use. You can choose any of them to support your point of view.

What Is a Creative Essay?

A creative essay is a type of essay that asks students to express themselves through a narrative or a piece of art. It is usually a short work of up to five pages long and is usually assigned at some stage of a student’s academic career. These essays offer a way to express one’s feelings and thoughts by breaking the strict frameworks of conventional writing. 

Creative essays can also be very challenging to write. A creative essay follows a traditional format divided into three acts: the setup, the confrontation, and the climax. The setup provides an opportunity to introduce the central issue and the characters. The confrontation provides an opportunity to change the piece’s focus, and the climax highlights the central issues. 

It is essential to follow these guidelines when writing a creative essay. Once you have outlined the structure of your essay, you can begin thinking about the topic. A creative essay has three acts. The first is the setup. This part of the essay introduces the central theme or situation and lays the foundation for the rest of the essay. The next act is the body. This part of the essay is the heart of the story. The goal is to create a compelling story. The reader will want to know what happens next. Then, the writer must connect the main issue to the resolution.


There’s a significant distinction between an argumentative essay and a creative writing essay. In an argumentative essay, you argue for your point of view, but you create a narrative in a creative writing essay. So compared to an outstanding argumentative essay, an excellent creative essay is structured differently.

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