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How to Change Background Color on Instagram Story?

How to Change Background Color on Instagram Story
How to Change Background Color on Instagram Story

Instagram stories have become a popular manner for users to share moments in their day in a more ephemeral layout. One of the key capabilities of Instagram stories is the potential to customize them with textual content, stickers, and filters. Changing the heritage color of your Instagram story can help make your posts visually appealing and may assist them in sticking out from the group. In this newsletter, we’re going to show you a way to alternate the history color on your Instagram story in a few simple steps.

Step 1: Open Instagram and Start a New Story

To start, open the Instagram app on your cell tool and tap on your profile picture inside the pinnacle left nook of the screen. This will open the digital camera interface, wherein you can begin a new tale.

Start a New Story
Start a New Story

Step 2: Take or Upload a Photo or Video

You can take a new photograph or video by tapping the seize button, or you may upload a present image or video out of your camera roll by swiping it up on the display screen. Once you have decided on your photograph or video, tap the “Aa” button within the proper corner of the pinnacle of the display screen to add text to your tale.

Take or Upload a Photo or Video
Take or Upload a Photo or Video

Step 3: Choose a Background Color

To exchange the history shade of your tale, faucet and maintain everywhere on display until the heritage modifications to a strong coloration. A coloration palette will appear at the bottom of the display screen, permitting you to pick out a special shade for history. Swipe left or right at the color palette to select a shade that complements your photo or video.

Step 4: Customize Your Text

After deciding on your background shade, tap on the textual content field to start typing your message. You can customize the font, size, and shade of your text by using the alternatives at the top of the display screen. To make your text stand out, try to use contrasting coloration for the text that enhances the background color.

Customize Your Text
Customize Your Text

Step 5: Add Stickers, Filters, or GIFs (Optional)

Once you have custom-designed your textual content, you could further customize your story by including stickers, filters, or GIFs. Tap the sticker button on the top of the display to browse via the available options and choose those you want to add to your tale.

Add Stickers, Filters, or GIFs
Add Stickers, Filters, or GIFs

Step 6: Post Your Story

When you’re happy together with your story, faucet the “Your Story” button at the lowest of the display screen to put it in your Instagram tale. Your story will be seen by your followers for 24 hours before it disappears.


Q: Can I change the background color of a photo or video that I’ve already posted to my story?

A: No, as soon as you have posted a story, you can not alter the color of the historical past. You will want to delete the tale and create a new one with the desired historical past coloration.

Q: Can I use a custom color for the background of my Instagram story?

A: No, Instagram only offers a selection of predefined colors for the background of your story.

Q: Will the background color of my story affect how it appears to viewers?

A: Yes, the historical past shade can affect the general appearance and experience of your story. It’s vital to pick a heritage coloration that complements your content material and complements its visible appeal.

Q: Are there any limitations on the types of background colors I can choose for my Instagram story?

A: While Instagram gives more than a few colors to pick out from, customers cannot upload custom history colorations. However, the available palette offers a diverse selection to match various content material issues and preferences.


In conclusion of this article, Changing the heritage shade for your Instagram story is an easy way to make your posts more visually attractive and can help them stand proud of the crowd. By following the steps outlined in this newsletter, you may effortlessly customize the historical past color of your Instagram tales and create posts that might be precise and beautiful. Experiment with exceptional colors and combos to locate the ones that paint quality to your content and feature amusing, growing, visually lovely stories for your fans to enjoy.

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