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How To Market Your Youtube Videos Better

how to market youtube videos
how to market youtube videos

Opening a youtube channel is just the first thing you can do. After that, there are a plethora of tasks that you need to look after.

Are you finding yourself on a dead end? No matter the strategies, you are not able to reach your goal. It is exhausting and leads to losing interest in something you like.

This is why we are bringing you a comprehensive list of how to start getting more views for your youtube videos. So what are some of the best marketing tactics you can weaponize?

On following this and checking your progress once in a while, you should be able to.

– Monetize from your channels.

– Get more sponsorship, and

– Leave your boring job to do youtube full time.

Marketing Your Youtube Channel Better

Here is how to start marketing your youtube channel. From just a hobby to a job is a long process, but you should be able to achieve it with precision and dedication.

It takes understanding what your audience wants and giving it to them. So let us elaborate a little more on the subject matter.

1. Titles Can Do Wonders

Before you think about the video, you have to pick a good title for your video. Do not be afraid to throw a pinch of clickbait in there, but of course, not too much. Nothing fabricated, maybe a little exaggerated. If you add humor to that, your audience will love you.

It should be short and catchy. You can take copywriting lessons or take expert advice from people in the advertisement industry to understand how they do it. Grab an audience’s attention instantly and can make them stay.

2. Understanding Search Intent

Search intent is the reason behind your audience searching for something. For example, Youtube videos are generally searched for these two reasons.

– Pure entertainment.

– Educational purpose.

Based on these two factors, you have to market your videos, whether it is on your social media or any other platform.

Your audience will only stay in your youtube video if they find the answer to what they are looking for. Therefore, present your video in such a manner that they understand they are in the right place.

  • Offer good titles.
  • Begin directly with the question (too much beating around the bush to grow suspense can ruin your audience’s want to watch more).
  • Give them something they wouldn’t find somewhere else.

3. Youtube Can Also Have Keyword Optimization

Keyword optimization is a big part of the content and doesn’t have to end with written content. So yes, you can keyword optimize your youtube videos, and we will be giving you some of the best loopholes where you can add your keyword without saturating it.

– Your youtube description is a great place to add your keyword once or twice.

– You have your titles.

– You can repeat the keyword in a manageable density a few times in your video.

– If you promote this video on platforms like your social media, that could be a great place to add the keyword.

Remember not to say it too many times in your videos. Once in the beginning, in the middle, and before concluding. Over-saturation of the keyword in your video can be an irritating factor for the audience.

4. Think About The Aesthetic Carefully 

Video is your product, which means you will have to sell it. If you have the goal to do youtube videos as a full-time job, then you not only have to put in the time, energy, and money for it.

Professionally design your set, or at the least get a green screen if your videos ask for it. Edit your videos perfectly, and do not upload them if you are unsatisfied.

Always ask yourself, will you be someone watching this video? If not then, then it needs more polishing. Know your target audience and the kind of aesthetic they would like to see in your videos and adhere to that. Look at some of these popular Singapore YouTubers and how they design mind-blowing thumbnails.

5. Community Engagement

You will find us talking about the internet audience and what they would like to see for quite some time in this article. So, how will you know what your audience wants to see? It starts with engaging with your audience over the comet section.

– Answer their queries.

– Appreciate their acknowledgment of your video.

Even if you have ten comments, interact with all of them so that they know you are valuing your audience. This is how you grow subscribers for your youtube channel. Eventually, as your audience grows, you can start making blog videos showing your day-to-day life apart from your generally scheduled content.

You can even conduct live videos, interact with your audience in real-time, and get your opinion.

6. Thumbnail Worth The Click

If you have a good thumbnail, the number of clicks on your videos increases. Now, it depends on whether the video will get a number of views or will this audience complete the video, but with a good thumbnail, you can at least bring them to the video.

Start with interesting pictures or reactions which can gain your audience’s attention in one glance. Because remember, they are always scrolling. Have a certain consistency to your thumbnail, and do it according to the type of video you are making

This will help you make a cover picture for playlists in your channel. You can even tease the audience about an upcoming video with the thumbnail. 

Live! Camera! Action!

Now that you know the weapons to win the youtube game, you should start planning your next video. It is not just about making videos that you would like but understanding what the audience would like and finding a middle ground.

– Interact more, and let your audience know about you through word of mouth.

– Take advantage of all the fields of digital marketing.

– Post more frequently, and do not ghost your audience for too long.

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