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8+ Graphic Design Magazines For 2022

Best Graphic Design Magazines
Best Graphic Design Magazines

As we look through the pages of our favorite magazines, we are often reluctant to believe that Print could be dead. However, graphic design magazines have been around a long time, and they are still a reliable source of inspiration. They’re not going anywhere, despite industry changes.

Infomatly has compiled a list of besttop graphic design magazines worldwide and presented it here. It would be best if you chose your favorite publications. Then, if not already done so, go to a bookstore or newsstand and get started reading.

Best Graphic Design Magazines are listed below:

1. Communication Arts – California, USA

Communication Arts was established in 1959 and is run by three generations of the same family and includes illustration, graphic design, and art direction. This magazine is an excellent resource for inspiration in graphic design for all those involved with visual communication. However, it is more than a magazine.

Communication Arts

2. 3X3 – New York, USA

In 2003, 3×3 became the first publication dedicated entirely to contemporary illustration. The magazine’s three-fold mission is to preserve modern illustration in Print, promote the work of top illustrators and encourage the use of illustration across all published media.

3×3 is more than a magazine. It also offers conferences, podcasts, portfolio reviews, gallery shows, and workshops. In addition, it hosts the 3×3 International Illustration Awards Show. The winners are announced online and printed.

3x3 Magazine

3. Eye – London, UK

The Eye was founded in 1990 and has become a well-respected journal for graphic design. Eye publishes informed and critical writing on various topics, including technology and graphic design books.

The EYE Magazine is a quarterly publication that provides information, creativity, and criticism on graphic design. The EYE Magazine is a quarterly published journal on the international design scene. Since 1990, it has been a reference for professionals, students, and anyone interested in the visual arts. The columns include design history, branding, critical thinking, illustration, information design, and typography.

Eye Magazine

4. Juxtapoz – California, USA

Juxtapoz is about underground art that’s unpretentious, raw, and honest. Juxtapoz was published for the first time in 1994. It features galleries, artists, and art fairs. Every issue comes with two cover images, one for newsstands and one for subscribers. It makes the magazine a collectible item—many mediums to choose from, including fashion, painting, installation, photography, and collectibles.

Juxtapoz Magazine

5. HOW – Florida, USA

HOW magazine is part of the same business group that the Print. Its mission is to provide business information, technology tips, and profiles of influential people. It is an award-winning magazine, which also organizes design competitions and HOW University’s online courses in design.

HOW magazine

6. Disegno – London, UK

Through surprising combinations of text and images, the pages of Disegno make for an engaging reading experience. Sometimes elements are stacked on top, while in other cases, the typography is its visual element and adorns the page. There are many content types in the magazine, including reviews, interviews, photo essays, and much more.

Disegno Magazine

7. Harvard Design Magazine – Massachusetts, USA

The magazine was first published in 1997. A redesign and new editorial focus were introduced in 2014 when the website was relaunched. The Harvard University Graduate School of Design has created this distinguished publication to broaden the design discourse and examine the role of design within our culture. Harvard Design Magazine is intellectually and scholarly, with bibliographical footnotes in each article.

Harvard Design Magazine

8. Novum – Munich, Germany

Novum has provided an inspiring advertising and graphic design mix for more than 90 years. There is an additional section called novum plus that focuses on specific areas of graphic design like illustration, typography, and print design. Technical experts, clients, and designers cover every aspect of this topic, making it a collectible item and valuable reference source.

9. HOLO magazine – Toronto, Canada

There are more than 200 pages of interviews with top designers and practitioners from all over the globe. HOLO is published bi-annually by the Creative Applications Network. It represents the biannual kaleidoscopic mix of emerging trajectories within contemporary art, science, and technology, as HOLO editors love to stress. It is about prototyping and designing fantastical futures, as they put it.

10. IDEA – Tokyo, Japan

IDEA Magazine was published for the first time in Tokyo in 1953. Since then, it has been published quarterly, focusing on typography, visual communication, and graphic design. The magazine tackles severe issues as it attempts to reflect all the design perspectives in Japan. The magazine explores different creative scenes locally and internationally. It highlights the work of Japanese designers from various regions and typographers from Arabic.

IDEA Magazine

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