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How to Download Instagram Photos? 3 Easy Methods

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It’s no secret that people love sharing photos on Instagram. In fact, the photo-sharing app has become so popular that it now boasts over 1 billion, monthly users. With so many people sharing photos on the platform, you might want to download some of those photos for yourself. 

Downloading photos from Instagram can be useful in different situations. For example, you may want to download someone’s Instagram profile photo, an image from a friend’s post, or an IG story. There are different ways to do it, and we will talk about them in this article.

How to save Instagram photos of others within the app?

It is possible to save Instagram photos you like within the app. Instagram provides this feature, you just have to follow simple steps to do that.

  1. Click the Bookmark icon on any Instagram post you like to save. The post will be saved in your default saved folder.
  2. To view your saved Instagram posts, Click your Profile section.
  3. On your profile page, you’ll see a menu with 3 horizontal lines in the right corner. Click this icon and you will see a menu named Saved.
  4. By clicking on it you will find all the Instagram Posts you saved.

You can create multiple folders to save any Instagram post or reels to your desired folder.

Download Instagram photos with iGram

In the downloader industry, iGram is a very well-known brand. iGram offers multiple options to download Instagram content. You can download Instagram photos, videos, stories, reels, IGTV, and Carousel.

Follow Simple steps to download Instagram photos with iGram Instagram photo downloader.

  1. Copy the Instagram photo or post URL you want to download.
  2. Paste the link to iGram downloader and click the download button.
  3. Now, you will be able to download Instagram posts.

You can save Instagram images with this Instagram photo downloader. It is possible to download one Instagram photo as well as a selection of Instagram photos through iGram.

Download Instagram Images Using Android App

You can also use an app called Savegram to download Instagram photos. This app allows you to save any photo on Instagram in a very easy way. You can download Instagram photos in bulk by using this app. You can use the app and download Instagram photos on your android, iPhone, and in your iPad as the app is available for all platforms.


We know that it’s important for you to back up your photos and stay organized, especially when you have so many great photos on Instagram! 

Now that you know how to download Instagram photos from your phone, what are you waiting for? Go explore your Instagram feed and find some photos you would like to download. Happy downloading!

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