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Top 10 Party Bus Companies in Toronto

Top 10 Party Bus Companies in Toronto
Top 10 Party Bus Companies in Toronto

Imagining big events without the inclusion of a party bus is hard. Not only does it contribute to the enjoyment of your journey to the venue, but it also provides convenience. In Toronto, opting for party buses has gained substantial popularity. Party buses bring charm to various settings, making an impact whether they are showcased in popular TV shows or made accessible to the general public.


In this post, we will highlight some well-known party bus companies that can add charm to your upcoming event.

How much it costs to hire a Party Bus in Toronto 


Budgeting is an important aspect of event planning, especially regarding transportation. While many perceive party buses as expensive, what’s often ignored is the flexibility of this great transportation option. These buses offer customizable options. This means you are allowed to create the experience to your preferences and pay accordingly. So, despite the initial perception, party buses can align with your budget while providing a comfortable and personalized transportation experience.


According to the web search results, the average price for a round trip of 5 to 6 hours falls between $600 to $1200. However, depending on several factors such as peak seasons, size of the bus, weekends, etc, the cost may vary. In the following sections, we’ll mention some renowned party bus companies in Toronto that can offer various options within your budget. Let’s get started.


Party Bus Toronto VIP


It’s a Toronot leading party bus company in the GTA area. You can find flexible packages at fairly competitive prices for any occasion. Their fleet includes many limo buses, chartered buses, and Hummer limousines. So, if you are planning an occasion with a large group of people, consider renting a limo from Party Bus Toronto VIP. Evident from the name itself, their service guarantees a VIP treatment. A hallmark sign of these buses is their extraordinary style, evident in the elaborate decorations and high-class interiors. All their buses have special lighting units glittering the whole atmosphere of the vanity. 


If you need a party bus that can accommodate a large number of people, probably Party Bus Toronto VIP is the best choice for you. They have 15 packages where you can 50 seater to 25 seater options. Additionally, they facilitate City, Niagara Falls, out-of-town, nightlife and wine tour packages. 

Sapphire Luxury Limo services

Sapphire Luxury Limo Services, with years of experience, stands as a prominent player in the market, providing an array of high-end vehicles and party buses to its clientele. Their exceptional limo and party bus rentals cover the Toronto and Greater Toronto areas, offering unparalleled service. Notably recognized for its flexibility in packages and affordability, Sapphire has gained trust in various events, including birthdays, bachelor parties, weddings, proms, and corporate gatherings.


Whether you seek standard options or wish to customize your experience, Sapphire has a range of offerings to match your needs. One of their highly sought-after packages is the Nightlife package, allowing a round trip to any nightclub or bar in the city. Opting for this package grants free admission and line bypass to some of Toronto’s most vibrant clubs, making Sapphire Luxury Limo Services an ideal choice.


For those desiring a more leisurely exploration, Sapphire presents the City tour package. This journey enables you to discover the city’s landmarks, attractions, and diverse cultures. The flexibility of pausing the ride at any location to enjoy snacks and capture memories adds an extra layer of convenience.


Enthusiasts of fine wine can indulge in Sapphire’s Wine Package Tour, guiding you to some of the finest wineries nestled in posh and scenic areas. This package allows you to spend quality time at the wineries, with options to dine at one of the restaurants in the vicinity.


Circusbus Party Bus Toronto

Circusbus is an outstanding party bus service in Toronto, known for its vibrant and fun fleet. These buses, filled with lively decorations, can hold up to 40 passengers. Adorned with balloons, streamers, banners, and props, the buses create a celebratory ambiance. Inside, enjoy leather seats, disco lights, sound systems, TV screens, washrooms, and bars for an enjoyable experience.


Friendly chauffeurs elevate the party atmosphere. Committed to affordability, Circusbus offers low prices and flexible packages for various occasions. Choose from packages like Nightlife, Team Building, Kids Party Buses, Mobile Escape Room, and Gameshow for a diverse range of events.


For an added twist, explore their “Paid to Party” service. Host or join events, earning money while having fun. Circusbus is the go-to choice for a distinctive and entertaining party bus experience in Toronto.

Escape Bus

Escape Bus offers a mobile escape room game within a party bus. Enjoy a thrilling adventure with friends while travelling. Select from themes like The Heist, The Virus, The Bomb, or The Kidnapping. You get 60 minutes to solve puzzles, find clues, and escape. The bus accommodates up to 20 players and features leather seats, sound systems, TV screens, washrooms, and bars.


Professional staff guide you through the game. Escape Bus provides reasonable prices and customized packages for any event. Experience a unique and challenging adventure on wheels with Escape Bus.

Comparing the Packages 

Each company brings its unique flair and offerings, catering to various preferences and event sizes. Explore the table below for a detailed breakdown of packages and notable features from each option


Party Bus Company Packages and Features Capacity Notable Features
Party Bus Toronto VIP 15 packages ranging from 50 to 25 seater options Up to 50 passengers VIP treatment Extraordinary style and high-class interiors

Flexible options for different occasions

Sapphire Luxury Limo Nightlife package for nightclub excursions<br>- City tour package<br>- Wine Package Tour Varies (limos and party buses) Customizable option Free admission to top club

Leisurely exploration with a City tour package

Circusbus Party Bus Nightlife, Team Building, Kids Party Buses, Mobile Escape Room, Gameshow Up to 40 passengers Vibrant fleet with lively decorations

“Paid to Party” service for earning while having fun

Escape Bus Mobile escape room game with themes like The Heist and The Kidnapping Up to 20 players Thrilling adventure game on wheels

Reasonable prices and customized packages


Bottom line

From VIP treatment to thrilling adventures and vibrant celebrations, each company has its own charm. Whether you’re exploring the city, enjoying the nightlife, or hosting a unique party, these party buses ensure your journey is as memorable as your destination, choose based on your needs.

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