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What is a Sneaky Link? Learn all about this slang

What is a Sneaky Link?
What is a Sneaky Link?

As per the Urban dictionary, Sneaky link refers to secretly having intimate relationships with one. If someone uses the phrase, Sneaky Link, this implies that they are soliciting you to be in an intimate and secret connection with them.

If such trends survive on social media platforms, there will be no need for dating apps such as Buble, Tinder, etc.

The term Sneaky Link has recently become an Internet phenomenon, causing people to question the safety of their private life in public. The slang term is used in songs like HXLLYWOOD’s. Among popular content, “sneaky link” was made popular by Hxllywood’s single “Sneaky Link.” Since then, it has become a common term for sexual hookups on TikTok.

What does Sneaky link Mean?

TikTok has become famous due to its trend that no one has ever expected. Downloading TikTok videos without a watermark has also become trendy nowadays. Let’s talk about What is a sneaky link on TikTok? It’s worked as an online dating app that allows users to hook up with someone they’ve never met in person. People would no longer need online dating apps if they weren’t dangerous.

If you’ve ever had a secret hookup on the Internet, then you’ve undoubtedly seen a “sneaky link” on social media. The term is also used for meeting up with a person you’ve linked to on TikTok. In TikTok, you can send a sneaky link to someone you’ve never met. Luckily, many users have been sharing their stories online, making it possible for anyone to see them and find out if they’re a match for them.

What does Sneaky link Mean?

How Sneaky Links Become Popular?

Its popularity has even influenced artists, including Hxlywood. The artist is known for releasing several songs, which are not always a feminist’s favorite.

During the peak cuffing season, single people start serious relationships, which is the sneaky link season. While sneaky links are less wholesome than cuffing, they have a certain appeal. The term “sneaky link” implies something unwholesome about secret romances. 

Feminist groups have criticized the song because of its lyrics. The song is objectifying and projects the inspiration as a lover. It is sexy and shows a woman’s true love through its metaphors. 

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