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How to check if your phone is hacked or taped?

tapped or hacked
tapped or hacked

The phone is an integral part of our daily lives. You will not know if your phone has been tapped. Anyone can tap your phone, including parents, police officers, and people with hidden motives. Phone tapping can steal personal information from you by hackers who may inject harmful software. A text message may be sent to you and an internet link asking for information about shopping offers, awards, and easy loans. You may be asked to click the link to claim the offer. You should not click on these links no matter what type of phone you have.

We will show you how to determine if your phone has been tapped.

How to Tell if your phone is tapped?

Knowing the main clues that indicate that your phone has been tapped is crucial. If you don’t know how or when to use these codes, then understanding all of the codes won’t help.

  • New apps: Apps that are maliciously monitoring your device must be installed directly on your device. It’s a red alert if you see an application with a name you don’t recognize.
  • Rapid battery drain: Malware running in the background can cause slow performance and unusually high temperatures.
  • Strange SMS messages: Do friends receive SMS and social media messages you haven’t sent?
  • Data and SMS usage increases: If your monthly data and SMS usage exceed your daily use, it could indicate that you are not the only one using your device.
  • Pop-ups appear despite adblocker: Strange pop-ups might appear if malware is infecting your phone.
  • Blocked e-mails: Are you sending e-mails that don’t reach your destination? This strange phenomenon could indicate that your e-mail configuration was transferred to an unauthorized server.
  • Data breaches: Data breaches are a sign of a more significant problem.

Code to check if your phone is being taped

Some phone codes will tell you if your calls have been forwarded to another number. You will also be able to see the data and messages. It will display all information on your phone screen once you have hit the button.


It will show you the diversion status for the number by dialing *#21#. This will show you the information and know if any of your calls or messages have been tapped.


All redirection will be turned off by dialing ##002# from your phone. This is another way to remain secure.


You can dial *#62# to check if your calls are redirected.


You can dial *#06# to get the International Mobile Equipment Identifier code (IMEI). This is also useful if your phone gets lost. The network operator will automatically receive the location information once the phone has been switched on.


Most people will not fall for phone tapping. You can therefore rest easy and feel secure. You must still follow the basic security precautions. You should only download apps from official google and Apple stores. Apps downloaded from other sources can increase infection risk. If you notice any of these signs, it is essential to act quickly.

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