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Present Indefinite Tense – Definition and Example

Present Indefinite Tense
Present Indefinite Tense

In English grammar, there are three significant varieties of verb tenses. i.e., Past, Present, and Future. The past tense is used to describe things that have already occurred, the present tense describes what is happening at the moment, and the future tense focuses on events that are yet to occur.

Because the tenses play a crucial part in enhancing your writing abilities and are also included in tests for language proficiency, it is essential to build your foundations in verb tenses. Tenses can help you in exam preparation. Present Indefinite Tense refers to an action that is normal or authentic and utilizes the basic version of a verb. We will figure out how to write an appropriate sentence to describe an act in an indefinite present tense.

What is Present Indefinite Tense?

Present Indefinite Tense, also known as Present Tense, is the process that occurs in the present, but there isn’t a specific period that it must be within to take place. The present tense refers to the action that takes place. When a sentence begins with the singular third-person number, ‘s’ or ‘es’ are added at the end of the verb’s main.

Rules of creating Present Indefinite Tense

Rule 1

In the Present Indefinite Tense, we employ the first version that includes verb and s/es using It, She, He, and the word Name.

Rule 2

We are using the 1st form of Verb, which includes I We, You, and They. E/es is not used in conjunction in conjunction with verbs.

Rule 3

We employ Does with It. We use She, It, and Name, eliminating e/es from the verb.

Rule 4

We used to do this by combining I, We, You, and They.

Examples of Present Indefinite Tense

Let’s have some examples of present indefinite tense:

  1. Jack plays football.
  2. He pJack plays football.
  3. He prefers to have tea.
  4. I go to church every day.
  5. She loves to watch tv.
  6. They always play football in the evening.
  7. Lana eats dinner.
  8. Does he sing songs?
  9. I hate him very much.
  10. She runs very fast.
  11. Rashid asks too many questions.
  12. Do you need anything?
  13. I am not hungry at all.
  14. She sits near me.
  15. Saigon plays cricket every day.
  16. They sleep in the night.

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